MyMixedBagLady1: My Mixed Bag, My Mirror, My Me, Part I

I’ve been pondering my various and sundry totes, handbags and other accessories designed to keep me well-organized while on the move.  Having worked as a Brighton Collectibles sales associate and product ambassador, I’ve acquired quite the (addictive) habit of procuring pretty purses.

I appreciate, really demand, that this particular accoutrement to my clothing ensemble always compliment AND provide just the right amount of space and place for my necessary, and nice-to-have, things.  The challenge is in

PURSE-SONAL Journeys - contents could be helpful or hazardous!
PURSE-SONAL Journeys – contents could be helpful or hazardous!

the change…you know, presto purse reverse, that handbag haul out, then in.

On this occasion, as I dumped the whole thing, I began to think, “Why so Much STUFF? What’s THIS all about? Why can’t I travel more lightly?”  After all, a hefty handbag, filled with this and that, can become quite the liability to the shoulder, back and even other body parts, eh? Having emptied my tote, a gift generously given by my global-galloping sister, I  decided to organize and examine its contents; then perhaps find answers to these quizzical questions as a self-reflecting search for inner truth.

And with goal in mind, this post marks the 1st installment of a 3-part series haiku series.  I’m anxious to know what we’ll discover on this PURSE-sonal journey. I invite you to candidly comment on what you see, PURSE-EVE, and PURSE-U, as we search for ourselves in one another…

Pretty Perks

Glimpsing geisha girls

Parasols, painted pouts, pearls

Toting tighter twirl