MyMixedBagLady2: My Mixed Bag, My Mirror, My Me, Part II

So in My MixedBagLady1, I introduced the concept of Purse and Its Content as Metaphoric Mirror, a PURSE-sonal Journal of sorts, Content as Context.  Ladies, and Man-bag-toting Gents, have you considered what your things tell you and others about, well, YOU? The YOU you ARE, the YOU you’ve BEEN, the YOU you aspire TO BE, the YOU that OTHERS SEE? 

In the 1st post, I examined the lovely Asian tote I often carry. It has no inner organizing compartments but provides a canvas-like beautiful facade to my Erika Badu-esk Bag Lady Dilemma…” You Can’t Hurry Up, You Got Too Much Stuff…”

For this second part of the series, I’m checking out the phone and related accessories I use to haul MY STUFF.  Having dumped and organized the myriad morsels on my mattress, the shot below is from a point in time never to be recaptured, meaning, the cargo is ALWAYS changing. But alas, on to the introspection afforded by this pictorial. Let’s begin with a haiku…

Siri Serenades

Aftershoz Our World Rocks

Encase, Ensconce, Ease

After finishing my UCLA MBA in 1995, as I headed off to be a (somewhat misguided) A.T.Kearney consultant, I acquired my 1st smart phone, a Palm Pilot.  I scarcely remember its initial case, but I do recognize 2 things about the experience of having this “personal digital assistant” or PDA nearly 20 years (GULP!) ago: 1. I was apparently one of the early adopters of this advanced touch screen technology, and 2. I would have only a relatively brief (OUCH!) love affair  w/my oh-so-chicly-expensive Monte Blanc PDA case!

 My phone cases these days are fairly inexpensive (more carefully-watched benjamins, due to entrepreneurial pursuits, including Znuggle Up, Home of Comfy, Cozy Cool), compared to that MB one: a black leather-trimmed nylon,  another, pink leather crock-embossed, both with cross-body straps. Perfect combos of function and form! The whimsical one of a CoCo-Chanel-perfume-bottle-wanna-be case is less utilitarian, with no separate compartment for biz/credit cards or cash, but it works well when I’m at ATL to greet and escort some high-flying, high-profile travelers towards their deliciously dashing destinations. I hang it around my neck like the sexiest badge holder you’ve ever seen, never have TSA probs when you roll like a trusty, tricked-out travelista! The cute strawberry is actually ANOTHER bag, cuz, you know, I may need to grab some groceries, and as a mindful environmentalist, I gotta have a re-useable bag, eh?? My glasses case holds my contact case, spectacles and make-up, so that jimmy’s doing triple duty! Fashion Forward Full Functionality is a clear requirement in Jewel’s World!

 And I’m just thinking, my Blue Tooth headset is in this second shot above, cuz I must’ve been wearing it when I snapped the original bag-dump pic. This cool back-of-the-cranium-wrap ditty is a bone conduction device from AfterShokz, another early adopter tinket, that keeps me jazzy, jiggy and jubiliant w/banging beats and dialog deets on safe streets.

Now back in the day, the Palm, didn’t speak, but it did have a touch screen and decent doodle interpretation capabilities.  These days, I’ve dubbed my iPhone Siri Silly cuz she sometimes mispronounces my contacts’ names, disses my dictations and wrecks my requests despite my attempts to train her. Alas, after some not-so-lady-like expletives from me, she may simply give up and apologize for her inability to help me.  I wonder if maybe this is others’ experience of me when they solicit my assistance?  Mirror, mirror, in my bag, who’s the tamer in this tag?

I have come to terms with the fact that , as a self-styled shape-shifter, I am typically on the leading, and often BLEEDING edge of technology and change, an Unintentional Trailblazer of sorts, inadvertently enduring much pain and growth (I think I need a BLIND TRUST HUG) to move to places others don’t even realize exist. Such is the path I now knowingly illuminate for myself and others. I intend to slow my roll, be patient with myself and those around me/us, as a way of tranquilizing my/our many transitions. I endeavor to make my/our path more smooth and filled with grace and ease, discomfort as a minor distraction to the joy of being vibrantly vrai (that’s true en Français, ya’ll!), living life on my/our own terms. Please do follow if you dare, or better still, show me/us the light from y/our sparked and sparkling sojourns!


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