Transforming The Great Dole

I am alternatively amazed, amused and troubled by our political leadership’s approach to solving the economic meltdown. I was NOT in favor of the bailout bill, put together in non-deliberate, fever-pitched panicky haste, pork-ladened and misguided as it was. I had the sense it was like a quickly concocted, poorly planned meal with way too many cooks in the kitchen and no idea about which meal of the day, who , how many or what nutritional needs the starving diners had. It’s been weeks and not only have the intended credit loosening outcomes been thwarted, we’ve had 2 major stories about failed judgment by AIG corporate executives in taking ‘training/conference’ junkets at ritzy resorts. And even now, I see reports of a record 280,000 foreclosure filings, and then there’s the automakers and others starting to line up for their piece of The Great Dole.
So when will we JUST SAY NO to financial terrorism? Figure out that painting the leaves on the tree might make it look better temporarily, but won’t cure its root disease? Decide to teach fishing instead of handing out fish?
I said it before (, I’ll say it again, the most sensible way to dig our way out of this mess is to put people back to work, 1st & foremost, not after all the large corporate cash infusions. A 90-day moratorium on foreclosures won’t really help families whose breadwinners have been laid off with no prospects of gainful employment. We have major UNFUNDED infrastructure programs, e.g., those on hold at the GA Dept. of Transportation, that could provide for better roads AND produce income for GA families. Next most sensible investment: green projects. These alternatives may not seem easy in the chronic Chicken Little environment, but they are quite simple. I’m confident that there are hundreds if not tens of thousands of such local programs around the country that could put us solidly on the road to recovery.
Let’s take a page from the Obama Grassroots Playbook, fund state & local initiatives, both public & private, and be delighted by the incredible results from BOTTOMS UP economics. Whaddya say we transform The Great Dole into The Great Investment Fund (TGIF)? I’m hoping Sarah Silverman of fame will create a video about it!

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