Emergency Economy Recovery: Crack or Methadone?

I’ve heard politicians compare the bailout situation to a heart attack, house fire, and any number of other urgent, critical analogies. We can all agree on these characteristics of the problem, though I don’t think these comparisons fit well. We know the consequences of our current economic dilemma are serious, we all agree something has to be done quickly…I know Uncle Sam has a drug, I mean debt problem that we need to address ASAP; the question is are we gonna go get more crack, I mean debt for him or take him to drug treatment? If drug treatment, which program best meets his needs? A 12-step like Betty Ford or something a bit less traditional?
We’re talking stabilization, right? Uncle Sam’s ‘fiending’ for the crack, I mean debt, now! Where can we get some methadone? How can we satisfy this desperate need most immediately with the least amount of damage? Relief for elders living on their retirement investments, folks behind on their mortgage or already in foreclosure, banks who can’t meet their Fed Reserve requirements, companies who can’t meet their payroll? What is the economic methadone we seek, and how can we find/make it?
Let’s take some representative examples of these types of situations and work them through the recently passed Senate bill, each separately, and then consider the combined/cumulative effect. Is that such a ridiculous request? We have non-partisan organizations, e.g. Rand Corp., that do nothing but this type of work; we’ve gotten it for the nominees’ tax plan, what’s so difficult about it?

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