Confessions of a Recovered Obama Volunteer

So in the last couple of weeks, I’ve been experiencing what I’d labeled ‘campaign fatigue.’ You know what I mean, that almost bloated feeling from gorging on Jeremiah Wright, Super Delegates or culture of fear nation conversations, a sense of politico overwhelm in my everyday (now not-so-charmed) life. Via media outlets old & new: MSNBC, CNN, online blogs, YouTube, seemingly inescapable. I’d gotten the feeling that this barrage of stuff, even with its promise of power to the people and transformational possibility, had taken me over and worn me out.
In this overloaded space I occupied, I stopped wearing my Obama paraphernalia, stopped blogging, stopped listening to the political shows, even considered not fulfilling on campaign-related commitments like running for a DNC delegate position, meeting with Super Delegates to shore up support for Obama and serving as a Democratic Party of GA Neighborhood Leader. How could this be happening to me?
Had my contrarian nature decided that this campaign’s success was no longer a long shot, but almost a foregone conclusion, and been repelled by the idea of becoming the status quo? Had my adult ADD-like tendencies kicked in after over a year of very visible, vocal Obama support, gotten bored with this ‘initiative,’ as had periodically been the case in my A.T. Kearney 60 to 90-day project consultant days?
As I lay awake before dawn, noticing the sometimes sharp pain that mysteriously appeared in my right shoulder yesterday, I wondered how my physical discomfort might be connected to my negative mental state. How could re-energize myself, fulfill on existing campaign commitments and reverse this trend before it REALLY got outta hand?
After journaling this AM, I am grateful that my self-awareness gifted me with a possible solution. You see, as I wrote my usual affirmations, then turned my attention to what had historically inspired & motivated me, I discovered a pattern I never really noticed before. I suppose I’d refer to it as IMPACTFUL LEARNING. It involves having to quickly become proficient in a particular context so as to make a significant, long-term difference. This type of learning requires curiosity, resourcefulness, collaboration and boldness. Add water, instant sage and guide.
For me, there’s nothing more exhilarating than a 0-to-60-in-milliseconds experience: microwave-like, from vague familiarity to expert in the mix, facilitating major positive sustainable change in seemingly no time. Like the amazing infrastructure of the Obama Movement reconstituting politically detached and/or cynical people into avid campaign volunteers. Hillary’s still trying to figure that one out.
This is what floats my boat. So now I see what I could do to flip my campaign fatigue script: look for the new yet impactful learning opportunities in the activist commitments that I’d made, with the goal of creating a lasting difference for myself and others . Because we all know, this leg of the journey ain’t over until the Senator from IL’s officially sworn in.

1 Comment

  1. James Scott said,

    August 28, 2009 at 3:13 am

    I enjoyed ready your blog… Didn’t know you were still in Atlanta. Good to see you’re still making a difference in this world.

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