Calm & Storm

This incredible photo was taken by professional photographer Shane Durrance ( Friday night. In the aftermath of this weekend’s tornado touch down(s) in the ATL, I’m keenly aware of the power of Mother Nature and the Universe, and humans’ mighty AND tiny roles in them.

Here on Earth, we talk about global warming, and how we’re killing our planet. I always find these conversations somewhat comical, because I’m clear that we’re behaving like destructive parasites to Mother Nature globally and She will surely survive; the question is, will we? She’s eliminated pesky, ill-suited inhabitants before, no reason to believe that inevitability will change. What needs changing is US.

Our own survival depends on our moving to more responsible action with our existence in this perfectly divinely constructed ecosystem. Al Gore’s Nobel prize is evidence that we might just ‘get’ the magnitude and certainty of this most undesirable road to global ruin we’re treading. The Green Movement is finally sexy, financially attractive and cool, now that our survival depends on it, at least as far as larger numbers of us are concerned.

This shot also brought to mind all the RACE hoopla that’s been going on in the US Presidential Campaign, including but certainly not limited to endless playback of Jeremiah Wright’s sermons, Geraldine Ferraro commentary and most notably Sen. Obama’s brilliant Race speech( You see, the subject of race & racism, always brewing just below the surface, periodically & violently raises its head, does major damage, then re-submerges, kind of like Mother Nature. It’s a cleansing of sorts, producing literal and figurative dark clouds from which we can always, if we’re open, glean silver linings.

Some of our Mother Nature challenges are of our own making, as are our strained race relations. When & how will we step up, individually and collectively, to resolving these life-altering issues at their root, to transforming our dire situation with thoughtful intention & powerful action for healing ourselves and our world?

These challenges are urgent. As Sen. Obama has quoted Dr. King, “Unity is the great need of the hour.” What small or large step can any of us take to return to a civilized culture and world? Reduce our carbon footprint? Tell our politicians that strategies that emphasize ‘unify and triumph’ are superior & preferred to those that seek to ‘divide & conquer’? How can we work WITH Nature, Mother and our own intrinsic, to BE the beauty and calm after the storm?


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