Transcending Extremes: We Are the Ones & Yes We Can

Since yesterday, I’ve been mulling over what sometimes seems to be polarizing approaches even the most well-intentioned of us take. I’m participating in Oprah’s Book Club skype-enabled class with Eckhart Tolle’s A New Earth: Awakening to Your Life’s Purpose. Every Monday night for 10 weeks from 9-10PM Eastern Time, a huge audience (the 1st week’s was about 700,000 people from over 130 countries) tunes in to hear Oprah and Eckhart discuss the book chapter by the chapter.

Their common objective is to transform the world by facilitating others’ awareness of their true selves & higher callings. This is a very laudable goal, and if anyone has great odds at inspiring this revolutionary shift, it would be Oprah, Consummate Media Mogul-ista of the New Millennium. But yesterday as I prepped for class by reading Chapter 2 Ego: The Current State of Humanity, I had a nagging sense of something being slightly out of synch, like the absence of resonance. What I interpreted from my reading was that the mind, in general, is an enemy of sorts, represented by this negative, misguided Ego thing, as if mostly thought is bad. Perhaps I’m not far enough along in the book to get the real gist, but this interpretation gives me great pause. Hmmm…

And I’d been thinking about the Garden of Eden, wondering why one of the major lessons of that story appears to be that the acquisition of knowledge is evil or bad…don’t touch that tree! At the core of some religions and even our US ‘democratic’ system is the notion that someone else, God, his Surrogates or party Luminaries (this term from an interview I recently saw on BookTV of former San Francisco mayor Willie Brown explaining why the Super Delegates should be able to vote however they want), knows better, and will protect us from ourselves. I am so then flashing back to my ‘Father Knows Best’ and ‘Logic vs. Loyalty’ blogs. Aren’t we all individual expression of God anyway, at least according to the New Thought Movement to which I subscribe?

I should note that I suspect this cognitive dissonance fundamentally results from us compartmentalizing ourselves: requiring a choice between inseparable parts (head & heart) instead of seeking holistic, consistently aligned decisions. No wonder we’re always in a quandary!
Interestingly, I’m also now reading JohnRandolph Price’s The Abundance Book and today’s principle states ‘I lift up my mind AND (my emphasis) heart to be aware, to understand, to know that the Divine Presence I AM is the Source & Substance of all my good.” I would interpret this statement to mean that living a divinely abundant life involves a delicate balancing act that weighs information (head) & judgment (heart). If we are successful, we divine true KNOWLEDGE and get the requisite rewards. In Landmark Education terms, I suppose we’d refer to this as a DISTINCTION, or that additional level of detail which brings necessarily greater clarity, the ‘ah ha’ moment, a.k.a., the small distinction that makes a huge difference.

So I’d say breaking ourselves down for analysis sake is fine, but at some point, we must reconstitute the whole, or we’ll end of far a field of our best life. I believe as our better and best selves, we transcend the perceived extremes, incorporating them into a vibrant and innovative solution. Let’s do what some believe is unfathomable because as our soon-to-be-President Obama has said, “WE ARE THE ONES WE’VE BEEN WAITING FOR” & “YES WE CAN!”


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  1. Jonathan said,

    March 12, 2008 at 5:41 pm

    As someone who has worked for the Obama campaign, listened to Tolle’s Power of Now tapes, and taken Landmark Education courses, I read your blog post with interest. What I took from both Tolle and the Landmark Forum wasn’t that the mind was an enemy per se, merely that it is a tool, a tool whose job is to figure things out. Without a powerful context for the mind to operate in, the mind will work mischief. Said another way, without a powerful purpose in life, the full power of the mind will get wasted on things that are petty and small. I became involved in the Obama campaign directly out of the Landmark courses, because his messages of ‘Anything is possible’ and ‘Respect, include and empower’ resonate exactly with where I am at after taking the Landmark Forum, and these ideas are something really worth working towards in the world. I now feel that getting Obama elected and taking on our politics generally is a problem worthy of my mind! The more my mind is at work on big issues like this that make a difference, the less it wanders to stupid stuff, like trying to prove why my wife should do more around the house or why my boss should listen to me more, etc., etc. Anyway, that’s my two cents!

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