Obama-Ali: They’re So Pretty!

As I had a heated debated with another devoted Obama supporter at Atlanta’s Apache Café this week, it suddenly occurred to me that Sen. Obama’s strategy has been very Muhammad Ali Rope-a-Dope-like. The Tuesday OH & TX primaries, though a win in terms of delegates, didn’t appear to deliver the expected popular vote victory, at least not with the uncertified election results. As a sidebar, given the stormy leadership and/or election histories of these states, I’m not very trusting of the integrity of their returns, but I won’t address that issue in this post.

What I WILL (Smith in this fight scene from Ali) address is the Ali retro genius of the Obama Campaign up against the Swing-and-Miss Clinton tactics, including but not limited to the Hussein Fearful Middle Name Drama and Rezko Red Herring Move. I can see the startling similarity between this political slugfest and the Ali fights of the 70’s and 80’s, when The Greatest would take body blows & let his opponents wear themselves out, then deliver a knockout punch. I even flashed back to going with my Dad to the then Atlanta Municipal Auditorium to witness one of these events on close-circuit TV. But I digress….

Our respectful disagreement involved the credibility of a video (http://video.google.com/videoplay?docid=7007109937779036019&pr=goog-sl) circulating on the web regarding a case against the Clintons alleging senatorial campaign finance shenanigans, among other questionable activities, set to begin hearing this Fall in Los Angeles. My new friend thought the story would be more widely known if valid, while I contended wide distribution had less to do with validity and more to do with media bias and censorship. I also suggested that media democratization would ultimately be the great equalizing and the truth would set some of us free, while others of us just might end up in the pokey, Martha Stewart-style.

Oddly enough, having pointed this out to my new comrade and sparing partner at Apache, when I left there to visit another friend, he was wearing a Muhammad Ali Training Camp shirt. How cool was that? Could mean I’m onto something. What do you think??

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