Logic vs. Loyalty?

Also sometimes referred to as Head vs. Heart, Logic vs. Loyalty signifies the seemingly never-ending duel between mind and emotion. Your heart cries out for an occupation that brings you joy, but you ignore it and take a job that pays the bills while killing off your soul. Your drug-addicted child implores you to take him in after he’s abandoned a drug treatment program for the umpteenth time, and you do, only to find him indulging in this self-destructive behavior all over again. You endorse a US Democratic Presidential Candidate, your constituency overwhelming supports another, and you flounder with how to save face, and determine what word to keep, your oath of office or longstanding political tie-bound promises. What a conundrum, we think…but actually, not really.

The solutions to these vexing situations are usual quite elegant in their simplicity but seldom what we would consider easy. Not complex, these remedies may conjure up fear so great we retreat to the short-term fix that is ultimately our undoing in the long run. We do the passion-free gig for years then keel over from a heart attack or cancer mid-life; how’s that for a crisis? We succumb to the pleas of the wayward, drugged-up child, only to find the house ransacked for money. We sit on the fence with our political clout until a new, strong warrior arrives to forcefully take our power in a bloody, debilitating battle of Old vs. New Guard. If only we’d listened to the still small voice, then had the intestinal fortitude or better yet, FAITH that our highest BEING’s consistent DOING would always yield the most desirable result, perhaps even beyond our wildest imagination. That would be incorporating head, heart and hands to make a difference.

So we volunteer for work that we love and get offered a paying job we’d do any day for free. We submit to gut-wrenching family counseling and find that after some honest communication and much love, drug treatment seems like a cakewalk. We keep our oath of office, switch our support to align with that of our constituency and we find new strength in both our political and personal lives.

These shifts may sometimes be painful or perhaps not-so-much-so, but they always have the potential for great healing, if we can face down our FEAR (False Evidence Appearing Real) & do what must be done to restore our emotional, psychological and intellectual wellness. This way of being involves not choosing between Head and Heart, but instead looking for resolutions that sacrifice neither, that satisfy the deepest need of both with integrity, authenticity & honesty, then use our hands to take appropriate action.

Can you re-evaluate and work through some challenging, seemingly intractable situation with this new perspective? Can you act boldly and with conviction in favor of both Loyalty & Logic? I invite all of us to seek this harmonious and joyful safe zone that is available to all of us in our everyday charmed lives.


1 Comment

  1. Travelling Journals said,

    February 26, 2008 at 12:44 pm

    thank you for this – love the definition of FEAR!

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