Keeping it Moving All Around the ATL – Part I: Obama Mixer

Last week was a chock-full one for connecting, learning and partying with a purpose. Monday was an Obama Mixer at SIP the experience, Tuesday was the Obama Victory Party at Fox Sports in Atlantic Station, Wednesday was nikki giovanni at Emory for Black History Month, Thursday was a Microsoft Reception for Spelmanites at Luckie Food Lounge, Friday was NetPartying at Opera, Saturday was an emerging artist reception at Vaknin Gallery in Midtown, Sunday was Past Life Hypnotherapy and Women on the Hustle. Whew, that was a lot, but such is the life of this Social Activist Entrepreneurial Butterfly.

Ok, let’s start with the Super Monday Obama Mixer. April Phillips, entrepreneuri-diva & proprietor of SIP the Experience (, graciously agreed to host a ‘get out the vote’ event to benefit our fav sexy AND substantial presidential candidate, Mr. Kenya meets Camelot. She swiftly created an outstanding hipster happening, complete with guest speaker and noted writer Tracie Howard (, silent auction sculpture by Kimmy Cantrell (, sounds by DJ Drew (, pix by Terrell Clarke (, and yours truly MC’ing. Of course there was also Wing Chick Kindall ( hawking Obama Campaign Paraphenalia. The event was a smashing success with much fun had by all. We raised over $2500 for the campaign and got everybody geeked about Super Tuesday. There was nothing not to like about this evening. And it all began with a planned but eventually cancelled Obama surrogate appearance by Kerry Washington ( How cool is that?

I am so inspired by April and others’ willingness to pitch in and make it happen, basically on the turn of a dime. Then again, in this movement, such an occurrence is not the exception, but instead the rule, i.e., ‘You know how we do!’ So big up’s to those, present and absent, who sent out good vibes and made the victory on Super Tuesday possible. Now I ask you, what can we do for an encore in August at the Democratic National Convention and November in the General Election? Strap in tight, I think we’re in for an incredible, g-force-type of ride on this fantastic journey to the White House!


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