How Do You Party with Passion & Purpose?

I so love the energy of people with a burning passion! Bumped into Tricia Harris & Falatta Burdette of PowerPAC ( at the Lexus/Essence sponsored Angie Stone concert at Underground Atlanta’s Sugarhill this week; they clued me in to an upcoming political forum that would take place in a few days. Apparently organized in less than a week, this event was a great convergence of Old Guard/New Guard that was most inspiring & motivating. Old Heads like Joe Beasley of Rainbow Push Coalition complimenting Young Heads like Rev. Markel Hutchins, respect & honor obviously flowing both ways. I saw a coming together that answered 90’s post-LA riots Rodney King’s prolific question, “ Can we all just get along??” The gathering definitely fulfilled on its positioning as a ‘multi-generational “WAKE UP CALL”, rally & rap session about the African American political agenda and how black voter turnout on February 5th can swing the 2008 Presidential race.’

I especially enjoyed the retro political rally feel, complete with vintage message music performed by Legends. Video screens flashed MLK images & speech clips. Audio clips of 2008 Presidential candidates recalling images of debates and talk show appearances, and late night TV banter. This set was like Black Woodstock without the drugs! I keep telling people Barack & others are bringing sexy back to politics, as in the days of JFK, but without that extra-marital-affair bad after-taste. It’s like I’m experiencing Sankofa, going backward to go forward, the New & Improved Black Activism informed by the Old. Loved the imaginative flyers, Race Card Sets ( & peacefully co-existing campaign workers carrying signs & passing out literature to promote their candidates. Events like these seem full of respectful-difference-of-opinion unity, divine power & purpose, as was pointed out by GA State Representative Alisha Thomas Morgan. Rev. Markel adeptly articulated how one’s productive focus on a well-defined political agenda can & does actually transcending age & other artificial barriers. Even Rev. Joseph Lowery was in the house, sharing his everyday man-on-the-street wisdom with always wry & pithy, sometimes rhyming humor.

So what will you do in these days leading up to and through Super Tuesday, to stir your own soul & the souls of those around you, to have all of us in King-Holiday-Regal-Yet-Regular-Style REMEMBERing, CELEBRATing AND ACTing with passion & purpose as we support our candidates in the most authentic way we can imagine? Will you plan/attend a rally? Change your voicemail greeting, call friends or send an email sharing your reasons for supporting whomever you’ve ‘heartfully’ & thoughtfully chosen? Work at the polls or canvass in-person or by phone to get out the vote? I encourage you to courageously & playfully abandon your comfort zone and exert your most empowered & empowering effort to be a part of making history on Super Tuesday. I appreciate what you’ve already done and trust that your best is always yet to come!

P.S. If you want to hang with me to get your party-with-a-purpose on this Superbowl Sunday, please join me at Vino Libro ( where proprietor John Francis is hosting a laid-back set, complete with 100-inch projection TV, $5 buffet and delectable drink specials. Obama commercials promise to be not nearly as grandly staged but at least as entertaining as the multi-million dollar ones at half-time. Hope to see your face in the place

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  1. Real Estate - Million Dollar Club said,

    February 6, 2008 at 12:32 pm

    Hello Jewels,

    Happy to see that you are recording history in the making. Keep the good work up and motivation going.


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