Heart AND Head: What’s Your Expression of Sexy with Substance?

Now I could have called this post ‘My Surrogate, My President, Myself – Part III,’ but it just feels more right to label it Sexy with Substance. You see, I think Kerry Washington (My Surrogate, My Prez, Myself – Part I, Jan. post) was the 1st person I heard mention bringing sexy back to politics, said she’d been touring SC college campuses with Ne-Yo and Usher when they’d discussed it. So for some of us, John Legend (http://www.dipdive.com) is one of a plethora of quintessential sexy men in the New Millennium, and here he is, at my alma mater Spelman College, using his sexy celebrity to voice his world tour experience of our country’s diminished global standing and espouse his conviction that Barack can change all that. Well, this is probably quite different from having Chelsea Clinton appear before a Spelman SGA information session, huh?

Some might consider this event a bit shallow, especially since John was almost mobbed before he was whisked away from the campus after his compelling remarks, ditty singing and gracious posing for pictures. So are we going for the head or heart here or both? I submit the Obama campaign is both mindful AND ‘heartful,’ intellectual AND emotional, sexy with substance. These sometimes erroneously perceived as oxymoronic combinations are infinitely possible, even probable, once we acknowledge them as such. Now I ask you, how will you bring the excitement back to a political process that impacts every (potentially smog-filled) breath you take, every morsel of (potentially genetically modified) food you eat, every (potentially lacking in balanced, free speech) media piece you read? Will it be through sex, drugs or rock & roll? I don’t know about you, but I’m going for sexy…with substance, you dig?

P.S. So if you want to see this & more interesting seemingly oxymoronic combos, like Style & Substance, check out my girl Tracie Howard & me, along with artist Kimmy Cantrell & DJ Drew at our (Super Monday) Obama Mixer tomorrow, February 4th. We’ll be rocking, tick-tocking and shocking the house on behalf of our Main Presidential Man Barack at SIP the Experience (www.SIPtheExperience.com) in an after-work set designed to motivate all my hipsters into a fantastic Super Tuesday. Wouldn’t wanna miss it if I were you!

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