My Surrogate, My President, Myself – Part II

Monday was another action-packed Obama Campaign Surrogate day. With Super Tuesday only 8 days away, the Campaign’s gearing up to ensure a phenomenal turnout and victory in Georgia. I am once again in awe and eternally grateful for the opportunity to meet these extraordinary people who are also passionate about this extraordinary Candidate & Campaign.

The high profile surrogate for this day would be The Honorable Ron Kirk, 1st African American & former 2-time mayor of Dallas, Texas. Mr. Kirk also served as Secretary of State for Texas Governor Anne Richards, and worked in the 1st Clinton Administration (see an interesting + insightful piece on Ron at Campaign staffer Grace Northern & I would travel with Ron for the day, making sure that the in-person and radio on-air appearances went as planned or better. The day did not disappoint!

As with Kerry Washington (Part I of this series), I was impressed by Ron’s humble brilliance; I suspect every Surrogate Day will bring a new expression of this demeanor, because Barack’s persona mirrors it and so has attracted it in many forms. Our 1st stop was Alston & Byrd in Midtown, where lawyers and other legal industry workers had gathered to hear about Election Protection. One goal of the session was to inform & recruit volunteers who could serve as campaign emissaries, ensuring a fair voting process and prevention of citizens’ being erroneously denied this most precious right. Given the flawed processes of the last 2 presidential elections, i.e., voting irregularities in FL & OH (& arguably most devastating outcomes, based on our country’s resulting dire situation), I sleep much better at night knowing this work is being done by capable and committed professionals.

Ron shared both his successful and failed campaign experiences with humor and wisdom and talked about the historic nature of this time. My fav ‘every person’ suggestion from him was changing voicemail greetings to reflect our support, to say something like “I’m probably not available to talk right now because I’m busy working on the Obama Campaign!” He encouraged exercising appropriate caution on content (to be passionate without being evangelical) and placement of such a message (not on workplace voicemail, but on home phone voicemail). Since my phone contact of choice is cellular, that’s where my Obama greeting is, changed it this morning!

We also met with a group of community activists at Café Circa (, remember this cool venue from I Love the Rainy Nights in GA blog?), talked about the empowering nature of the campaign with its MySpace-like presence on the web (

Next, we took Ron to the WAOK radio station for his appearance on Shelley Winter’s talk show, then back to campaign HQ from a rousing pep talk for committed campaign staff, volunteers and other supporters. When we got there (370 Northside Drive, 30318, 404-688-1108), once again, newly-arrived, fundraising genius Obama campaign paraphernalia was flying off the shelves. I got a cool olive-colored, long-sleeved t-shirt for myself and a pink Obama Mama one for my dear friend Tamara, new mom of Baby Diva Jordan. This stuff is the best addiction I know! No hangover, no carnage, no regrets, just smooth sensations and awesome aftertaste. Welcome to MyBarackObama world! Will you accept my invitation to make it yours, to make it the Unity that is OURS?


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