My Signs, My Signals, Myself

If someone wanted to get to know you at a glance, how would you recommend they do that? Could they check out the play list on your iPod, CDs in your car changer, movies in your DVD rack? Peruse the titles on your actual or Facebook virtual bookshelf? Well these days, I think people could get some good insight into my eclectic, quirky, peace-seeking nature by checking out my button and lapel pin collection.

I’m always pleased when people comment on, and even ask to have, my pins and buttons, which I sometimes wear solo or in combination, depending on my mood. These excellent lifestyle-marketing pieces are great for starting cool conversations, and attracting others with similar interests or at least outgoing curiosity. If you believe what you wear reflects who you are as a human being, your gear allows you to generously & easily share yourself with others in engaging and spiritually intimate ways.

So on any given day, I may be promoting Women’s Empowerment and the Economic Development of my city with my WNBA pin, or World Peace and Harmony with my Dalai Lama pin. Then there’s the one for my ATL Mayoral pick, my big sister Lisa Borders (this one I constantly give away), as well as fav US Presidential candidate Barack pins & buttons. This mode of communicating my deepest meaning, desires and intentions often carries over into clothes and shoes; I have some John Fluevog Mandela Peacemaker Boots whose soles contain the inscription Jesus, Buddha & You, as well as a Live in Wonder tissue t-shirt that reminds me of how great my life is.

Does this seem odd or intriguing to you? Do you want to know AND be known quickly, deeply, intimately by the world? If so, how might you ‘send a message in a bottle’ in your everyday life? And receive the text-message-efficient inner being articulations of others?

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