All’s Well That End’s Well – You, go, Barack!

SC Primary Election Day turned out to be quite the roller coaster ride for me. From my previous blog about it, it’s clear that I had high hopes, lofty aspirations, but here’s how the day continued after I’d posted that blog:

Late getting on the road cuz both road dog Justin & I didn’t prepared as we could have. Our combined mood-scape was tired, testy & terse. Junk food at fast food restaurants along the way didn’t help either. Car’s cruise control going off at will. Arriving at noon, some 5 hours after the polls’ opening. Being sent to a voting precinct that occurred like crickets (no significant voter activity, just folks with signs from Clinton & Edwards campaigns). Then sent to canvass with driving directions that we misinterpreted, got lost, so we gave up. Found out later this area supposedly wasn’t particularly safe anyway, but who really knows? Then fatigue settling in so much with me that I napped in the car in the SC Campaign HQ parking lot, while Justin forged on to telephone banking. This last action seemed to start to turn the tide. Thanks, Justin!

Almost re-lapsed when we went to find a store where Justin could get a charger for his Crackberry, then decided it was too far. But then again, we stopped at coffee shop Immaculate Consumption, which turned out to be closed, and struck up conversations with freelance media types (with a camera setup designed to take advantage of a cool view of the SC State House) about Barack’s great prospects, had a woman pull up in her SUV & advise us that Barack was at a YMCA nearby playing basketball, and gave a theatre employee smoking outside a Obama sticker at her request.

And I forgot about the father & son headed to the beautiful glass Columbia, SC Downtown Public Library. He told us he’d taken his sons to witness his casting his vote for our audacious candidate, made jokes about the younger son not being able to pronounce Barack’s name.

Last, but certainly not least, Barack’s fab acceptance speech was about Unity, a theme that the crowd had espoused earlier by chanting ‘RACE DOESN’T MATTER,’ as the media showed stats about voter opinion sliced by race, education level and economic status. What a high note! Then I realized in the excitement of the victory, I’d missed my scheduled appearance on Pat Wilson-Smith’s Talk It Out ( internet radio talk show. Well, even that was ok, since she’d found someone to pinch-hit in my absence, then I filled the time slot that Eureka Gilkey, GA Obama Campaign Director, didn’t make.

Now I ask you, have you ever had the sense that you were Calamity Jane or Joe, and gone through an entire day, or more full time, suffering with mis-happenstances and miserable missions impossible? Have you considered that you have the power to shift this dynamic by simply (perhaps not easily, this takes some special effort) adjusting your attitude and/or outlook? So the next time you get up on the wrong side of the bed, make it a great day ANYWAY. Find the positive in everything, be grateful for it, and watch the miracles occur. I trust you’ll comment here once your experiment is done, should you choose to accept my invitation. Maybe your day could end with something phenomenal, like I’m anticipating mine in November with the election of Barack Obama as President!


1 Comment

  1. Justin said,

    January 28, 2008 at 5:17 pm

    This was the experience of a lifetime!

    -Justin W. Terry

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