Hold on, SC, We’re Coming!

The excitement of election day is upon us! Not for Georgia, but for neighboring SC, a state which has the incredible where-with-all to hold elections on Saturday, presumably to increase the odds that working folks don’t have to take a hit to their paycheck to exercise their right to vote in our great nation.

Justin & I will be hitting the road in a bit, headed to Columbia to do whatever we humanly can to ensure the victory of a man(www.barackobama.com) we know to be our country’s best (audacious) hope for a bright and promising future. We’re rolling my 1992 Lexus SC Coupe, a.k.a., the Obama Mobile, for the 3 hours and 200+ miles from the ATL with savory snacks, wellspring water, motivating music & appreciative attitude.

This car has seen a lotta action, not the least significant of which is achieving its 200,000th mile returning from Columbia back in December. I’ve taken this road trip before, that time to participate in the Obama Oprah Rally, an event that was not to be missed.

Today is another of those. Justin wants to be back before 6AM Sunday, so we’ll be return right after the VICTORY PARTY. I am confident that we have taken SC; we’re not arrogant, we just have an inner knowing that tells us to do the work & the reward will follow. Do the work enthusiastically, collaboratively, authentically & graciously. The Law of Attraction says we get the desired result, given the appropriate focus and dedication.

While preparing for the trip, I stopped at Target(www.target.com) & scored a conversation with an employee there who said she & her daughter had already voted absentee. I can feel the momentum and it’s become tidal wave-like in its proportions. The Obama Campaign is a Force with which to be reckoned, there’s no denying that. What will you do today and in the important days leading up to Super Tuesday to be a part of this Positive Force, a the counterbalance to the circumstances that create disasters like Katrina and sustain her painful results? Despite this almost unbearable pain, I invite you to be open-minded and openhearted to the unprecedented opportunity this Campaign offers us locally, regionally, nationally & globally. Our universal ability to do so will make a world of difference!


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