So Who’s on Target?

So I understand from blogging experts that you shouldn’t make promises in your online writing that you don’t keep. I know, in general, word should be bond anyway, right? Well, in my ‘Surprisingly Sumptuous Celebration’ blog about the A King Celebration, I mentioned the prominent, yet I think, tasteful nature of Target’s sponsorship, and how this nature seems to be weaving its way into our everyday lives. I said I’d get back to that, so here goes…

Aside from its MLK celebration generous, understated sponsorship, another not-so-big-box-ish retailer move was Target’s sponsorship of Family Day at The High Museum in late 2007. Admission was free to any and everyone for one full Sunday, and, in honor of the close relationship between The High and The Louvre, the day included ‘en pleine aire’ (outdoor) painting and sketching, ballet performance and my personal fav activity, the French Poodle Parade, a fantastic fashion show of couture Target doggie attire & accessories modeled by pooches & companions of many persuasions. Whoever’s coming up with this stuff is a frekking genius!

But that’s not all! Sorry, don’t mean to sound like a late night cheezy promo for Ginsu Knife Sets, but I must also mention the stellar design of the new Atlantic Station Target. Unlike it’s suburban cousins, this store features parking deck space AND greenspace out front with granite tables and benches, as well as colorful canopies. Who woudda thunk it? Target Masterminds, I guess, perhaps with some help from exceptional urban architects! Fits perfectly into the whole live/work/play vibe of ATLC STN, and is really mostly a forward progression from the Buckhead store with its 2-story design and shopping cart escalator. Cool, yet uncomplicated, sophisticated yet simple. Is Target bringing sexy back to big box shopping? Ok, let’s be honest, maybe it was never sexy before now!

These brainchildren are some of the best examples of lifestyle marketing I can think of in recent Atlanta history. Target also does the more commonplace sales percentage contributions to local area schools, but this lifestyle stuff is definitely very New Millennium. I’m wondering what is ‘in store’ (and ‘out store’) for us next? Wireless internet in the Target Starbuck’s Café? Retro urban chic clothing that speaks to our passion for life in very compelling and personal ways? Stay tuned, this could become a series…


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