My Surrogate, My President, Myself – Part I

What a whirlwind of an Obama Day Thursday, January 24th was! Actress Kerry Washington, perhaps best known for her role as Ray Charles’ wife in the biopic ‘Ray’, was in the ATL serving as a Surrogate for the Senator, and she rocked the house! I mean, everywhere we went, from women’s gatherings at the APEX Museum (, to a political forum at Clark Atlanta University (, to Off the Hook Barber Shop in Castleberry, to an Obama Mixer at Vino Libro ( and finally to a ‘sermon for the choir’ at the GA Obama Campaign office (, she had a message tailored for each and every audience.

The common themes were there: her being torn about whom she should support as an African American woman, her opting to set her gender and race aside, and look at this most important decision as an AMERICAN who wants what’s best for her country, her belief in Barack’s ability to collaborate on and resolve common issues that unite vs. divide our community, our nation, our world…the list goes on. But then for each group, she connected in very personal and compelling ways, and not just in words. For the students, she talked about the benefits of access to & heavy debt burden of higher education, while at Off the Hook, she had one of the barbers shape her eyebrows with a razor!

I was reminded of the Obama barbershop poster & immediately thought, this moment is yet another outstanding example of the awesome power of the Lifestyle Campaign that Obama for American so clearly embodies, minute-by-minute, hour-by-hour, day-by-day, up to election day and into an Obama Administration, or dare I ‘audaciously’ say, BOTH Obama Administrations!

You see, every one of us is a surrogate for the Senator, with our bumper stickers, our baseball or our skull-caps, our yard signs, our buttons and our lapel pins. Each of us can hugely, positively promote this campaign in which we so fervently believe. We can attract those conversations, sharing our Obama decision stories and experiences, and in those gracious, loving and generous interactions, inspire, motivate and facilitate this Change Movement to its full potential as a Transformational Force of Nature. I respectfully ask that we ALL make this historic commitment with creativity, humor, authenticity and integrity. Do you accept my request? If so, what is this commitment’s unique and beautiful expression in your everyday life?


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