2008 MLK Holiday Reflections – Part I

Saturday, I had both the good fortune and extraordinary pleasure of appearing on Pat Wilson-Smith’s Talk-It-Out internet radio program (www.talk-it-out.com), our topic, political Old vs. New Guard with an intro that included audio of Andrew Young’s Bill Clinton’s more black than Barack comment and John Lewis’ statements about the Obama Campaign’s responses to Hillary’s attribution of Civil Rights’ momentum to President Johnson. Our lively discussion was cut short by technical difficulties, but suffice it to say, our conversation resonated strongly with a sophisticated and eloquent community. In a response from listener/thinker/writer LaTonya (see http://www.talk-it-out.com/ Forum), I could hear pain, sorrow & rage. I sense her frustration and confusion in asking how she could explain this ironic and divisive debate to her son.
These days, I suspect raising a child in this New Millenium is perhaps more challenging that it’s ever been, with our world’s senseless crimes against humanity: a Metro Atlanta Latino couple accused of abusing their young son after taking his battered body to Piedmont Hospital, Ms. Johnston of Vine City gunned down by police officers in perhaps a case of drug deal misinformation, spiraling national financial irresponsibility in funding an un-winnable war in Iraq, & the assassination of bright beacon Bhutto. Watching the news on this King Holiday morning literally brought me to tears this morning as I consider all the evidence in conflict with Dr. King’s Beloved Community. So what are the attitudes, events and movements that would turn this tide of negativity for LaTonya’s son & the rest of us?

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