My Methods, My President, Myself

OK, so yesterday’s busy schedule included a Women for Obama Meeting at the Atlanta SCLC Women’s offices. Evelyn Lowery was not in attendance, nor was local campaign manager Eureka Gilkey, but I tell you what, I gotta give big props to Ashley Collier, who was doing some major ‘cat-coralling’ of the powerful divas who were present.
Part of the conversation during the meeting involved someone taking offense at Obama campaign paraphernalia being SOLD instead of GIVEN AWAY. Well, I can understand this sentiment; in Nov./Dec ‘06, when my friend Rory posted his rally sign on the storm door at his home in the N. Druid Hills area, I was surprised to learn he had purchased it online. But then I thought, the campaign’s not taking contributions from PACs or lobbyists, so this is a great strategy for replacing that funding. During our meeting, though, Ashley pointed out that this method allows EVERYONE to be a contributor, even if only a few bucks for a lapel button. I suggested to the group that the campaign is doing very sophisticated marketing, by segmenting targets and offering something for every price point, from $0 to $4,600 max-out, from free brochures and lapel stickers to glitsy fundraisers at Oprah’s crib in Cali. So I don’t know if the Old Guard Divas even understand marketing concepts, but I do know that the New Guard Divas managed to be respectful and powerful with these aging lionesses.
I suggested to Ashley that we might create an Old Guard-New Guard Peer Partner Program to ensure that everyone plays their appropriate role in getting our candidate elected and being about the work of transforming this country and the world. As a campaign supporter, are you seeking opportunities for raising up AND being raised, learning from AND teaching, respecting AND being respected, playing Sage on the Stage AND Guide on the Side, Nurturing AND releasing?

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