My Mr. Wendal, My President, Myself – Part II

Well, my Mr. Wendal had taken shelter inside my courtyard’s security gate, in a storage closet that was not locked. When I rose on New Year’s Day, I spied him on my front terrace, dusting off his coat, just outside my mostly window-paned front door. For a moment, I froze, initially thinking, just like me, he wants to be warm & safe, no harm, no foul, but then FEAR kicked in, & I then thought, is he armed and/or dangerous? Could his perception of his situation as desperate/threatened result in he’s choosing his own survival at the expense of mine?

Ultimately, I was convinced to have the police handle this unsettling situation, but I still wonder to this day, what pearls of wisdom my Mr. Wendal might have had for me. He’s a part of my community, so what will I do to treat him as a respected & honored one? I decided one positive action I could take was to visit the Fuqua Mission down the block, which had perhaps not had room for him on New Year’s Eve. I’d like to get to know him & the other human souls that grace my distinctly urban neighborhood, the former Techwood Homes transformed into Centennial Park, but still in many ways the same place, with homelessness, drug addiction, and a host of other issues existing alongside the multi-million dollar aquarium, museums, high-rise university dorms, fancy townhomes & upscale apartments with garages. So in the immortal words of Rodney King, “Can we all just get along?”

Now I wanna know, what else is happening in our world that has us choose well or poorly between victor and victim, abundance and scare-city, love and hate? Are we, you & I, mindful of these choices, and always responding with well-informed decisions, or instead, simply reacting in fear, & unintentionally doing harm to ourselves and/or others? Do these decisions bring us pleasure or pain, pride or shame, enlightenment or doubt, joy or regret? What will it take to experience the positive vs. the negative in a sustainable, consistent way? Take everyday actions AND vote for a leader who represents the major change, really transformation, we so desperately need? What do you think?


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