My Mr. Wendal, My President, Myself – Part I

Remember that probably-decades-old song Mr. Wendal by Arrested Development? Well, I had 2 serendipitous experiences cause me to recall its infectious melody & deep lyrics in the last 2 months: the Dec. 9th Obama ( Presidential Campaign Rally in SC featuring Oprah Winfrey & a New Year’s Day close encounter of the homeless human kind @ my home in Downtown Atlanta. These 2 incidents are inextricably tied in my mind because the 1st seemingly prophetically pointed to a major social ill whose impact would become profoundly personal for me less than a month later in the second.

It’s also etched into my memory because I believe, no, I KNOW, like still, small voice, like inner knowing, that an Obama Administration, in acknowledging this travesty by having Arrested Development perform Mr. Wendal at the rally, represents the hope, no, really more tangibly, the sincere intention & expectation of addressing our country’s homelessness challenge in authentic & workable ways. Consider in part the song’s telling, painfully beautiful poetry:

Mr. Wendal has freedom, a free that you and I think is dumb. Free to be without the worries of a quick-to-diss society for Mr. Wendal’s a bum. His only worries are sickness and an occasional harassment by the police and their chase. Uncivilized we call him, but I just saw him eat off the food we waste. Civilization, are we really civilized, yes or no? Who are we to judge? When thousands of innocent men could be brutally enslaved and killed over a racist grudge. Mr. Wendal has tried to warn us about our waysbut we don’t hear him talk.Is it his fault when we’ve gone too far, and we got too far, ‘cause on him we walk. Mr. Wendal, a man, a human in flesh, but not by law. I feed you dignity to stand with pride, realize that all in all you stand tall.

So what actually happened, you ask?

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