The Future’s so Bright…

What a whirlwind of a day Sun., January 13th was, full of a past so inspiring & promise for a future so bright…I gotta wear shades! So the day started with a fundraising reception for Michelle Obama at The Commerce Club ( in downtown Atlanta, and the rest of it was consumed by preparing for, enjoying and recovering from the 2008 Trumpet Awards (

Having braved mad traffic (generated by gift, monster truck & boat shows, as well as Trumpet Award attendees, wow, is Atlanta a happening city or what???) to get to the Ceremonial Dinner on Sat. night, Sunday seemed like a logistical picnic. My wing girl Kindall agreed at the last minute to accompany me to these glitsy affairs, and as fortune would have it, we both live downtown, she, a stone’s throw from the Civic Center ( in the Renaissance Lofts ( This circumstance allowed us to use mostly eco-friendly modes of transportation, i.e., MARTA ( & foot, to get where we needed to go. Wardrobe changes were a breeze & we’re told we looked fab, even a few pix snapped on the red carpet @ the Trumpet Awards.

This morning though, I’m in awe of the achievement and opportunities that theses events made real. Michelle’s remarks at both the Commerce Club & Civic Center brought cheers from large, enthusiastic, hopeful crowds. These people are ready for an Obama Adminstration! And the accomplishments of the Trumpet Awards honorees served to reinforce Michelle’s key message: we are a people capable of ANYTHING to which we set our minds & hearts. Our only barriers lie within ourselves, our own cynicism & self-doubt. Let’s exorcise these demons whenever & wherever we find them, and let our lights shine so bright, even cool shades won’t do, we’ll need the full-on blue blockers! So I ask you now, what are the nature of your aspirations & challenges, and how would you describe your sunglasses?


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