Impulsive & Impetuous @ Cafe Circa

So Thursday was a day that went nothing like I’d expected or planned. No workout, despite my intention to cycle at Centennial (, no WNBA Launch-related ( presentation or solicitation letter prep, no quality time with aging parents, no transcription of indepth interviews with renowned artists like Louis Delsarte (, no planning for a visit to Gamecock Stadium in anticipation of working a large commercial real estate deal, no Ladies Night at Obama GA Campaign HQ ( There was, however, consultation with a friend in need, gentle rain for Elvira, my precious peace lilly, getting the hang of blogger & facebook & liberating left over Tin Drum Pad Thai from its styroform take-home container.

Last, but certainly not least of the activities on my haphazard agenda: a visit to a new spot in the Old Fourth Ward, Cafe Circa ( My temptor for the late night excursion: Jahannes. And it was worth the trip out on a messy, rainy night in our drought-strickened ATL. Properietor Kevin Holt was gracious, Bartender John, attentive, & the conversation lively—more folks turned onto David Deida’s Instant Enlightenment: Fast, Deep & Sexy. The kitchen had already closed when I arrived, so I’ll definitely be back to cozy up at this sleek, cool, non-smoking venue. Perhaps you’ll join??


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