Sister Sircle @ Sambuca

OK, so I’m actually blogging after a not-so-satisfying breakfast; not because I don’t like my Raspberry & Ginger Peace Cereal, but because I’m not too sure about the safety of my ???-days old vanilla rice milk. Tasted a bit funny, so I’ll soon be off to a rigorous workout w/o significant substenance…I’ll make it through, anyway, w/high energy, discipline, style & grace…
Anyway, want to express my appreciation for an impromptu GNO (Girls Night Out) inspired by Juliann. She and a colleague work next door to Sambuca (, and so suggested that a group of us meet there Tues. night for $4 Apple Martinis. What’s not to like, good drinks, good spot, good girls…well maybe not-so-much-so, that is in the naughty-nice sense!
Our conversation ranged from Black-Jewish relations, to Presidential contenders to men & romance…a cool reference to David Deida’s “Instant Enlightenment: Fast, Deep & Sexy,” I couldn’t have enjoyed myself more…Sister Sircle, Vibrant Venue, Luscious Libations, & us doing what we do! Thanks to the ladies for shedding light on activism vs. voyeurism, blow torches vs. candles, & resisting vs. releasing! Let’s do it again sometime soon, same Bat Channel, same Bat Time!

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